The Crisis Loop

Games are a complex series of constant choice. Every moment is an exercise in evaluation, decision, and execution – a crisis loop. The fundamental building block required to develop any skill.

A [good] game is a series of interesting choices

Sid Meier

The Crisis Loop is a community built around the premise that we can use games as a tool to master ourselves and grow skills that are relevant, not only to our play but, to our careers and lives.

Games can teach us the incredibly difficult-to-train soft-skills that are so treasured in the corporate space such as: adaptability, calmness under pressure, learning new skills, application of knowledge, triage. With the right mindset, video games can provide a path to all of the above as well as discipline, habit-forming, and understanding of how to make consistent, constant progress – all without the seemingly pointless exercises and endless meetings.

Every moment is an exercise in evaluation, decision, and execution.

Games are unique as an entertainment medium because they provide an infinitely scaling challenge with almost no barrier to entry. Success is rarely, if ever, impossible.

Blind gamer beats Ocarina of Time

Unlike passive media such as movies or television, games provide a visceral outlet to experience and growth. Unlike sports, which have physical requirements and genetic advantages, all competitors can come to meaningfully compete.

Realize any goal

With games, you can truly define your own goals and reach them. With perspective, you can translate these into skills which will exist throughout your lifetime.

Doing the impossible

Here you’ll find a focus for competitors and casual players, constant information about how to become the best version of yourself utilizing the tools that you would have originally just used for entertainment. Learn to identify your path to mastery through a community that is driving to improve. Together, we choose to be more than the sum of our parts.